Potrero Physical Therapy


Potrero Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to injury rehabilitation. With a staff of seasoned runners, skiers and cyclists as well as a competitive level surfer, Potrero PT brings first-hand sports experience to our patients. Specializing in extended appointments and customized home exercise programs, we also incorporate Pilates principles and equipment into treatment. Whether you are a weekend warrior or training for an elite sporting event, Potrero PT can help get you back on your feet and working towards your goals. (aquatic therapy also offered)

  • Pilates Based Rehabilitation
    In order to maximize your rehab, we utilize a combination of mat exercises and pilates equipment to develop core strength and body symmetry.
    Aquatic Physical Therapy
    We incorporate aquatic-based physical therapy to gently improve your strength and range of motion avoiding the sometimes excessive impact of full weight bearing exercises.
  • Home Exercise Program
    From day one, we teach you a customized home exercise program, empowering you to manage your injury and continue to improve your health after treatment is completed.
    Manual Therapy
    We use manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, myo-fascial release, stretching, and joint mobilization to alleviate your pain and balance out asymmetrics in your body.
  • Modalities
    Depending on the stage of your injury, modalities such as ultrasound, iontophoresis, electric stimulation, traction, and hot and cold packs are used to alleviate symptoms and speed recovery.
    Comprehensive Spine Care
    In our comprehensive approach to resolving back pain, we teach you proper body mechanics, stabilization exercises and self-treatment techniques to supplement the soft tissue work, manual therapy, and modalities you receive in the clinic.
  • Video Gait Analysis
    We analyze your walking and/or running gait by using a treadmill, video camera, and computer software to identify precisely inefficiencies, asymmetries, and sources of pain.
    Personal Training
    Overall strength and flexibility personal training is available for non-injured individuals and post-rehab patients. We analyze posture and muscle length to design sport-specific and customized exercise programs.
  • Consultations
    Free fifteen minute consultations are available to discuss your individual needs and to determine if you can benefit from physical therapy.

About Potrero PT

Potrero Physical Therapy is an out-patient physical therapy clinic that specializes in treating musculo-skeletal problems of the spine and upper and lower extremities.

At Potrero Physical Therapy, a skilled orthopedic physical therapist will provide you with quality one-on-one care to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address your medical needs as well as your personal goals.

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